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Slim for the Wedding,
Slim for Life

Start this new chapter in your life
without the same old headache about your weight


You set the wedding date. Fun!

Now, you want to lose a bunch of weight.

How do you want to go about it?


Over time, 95% of dieters gain back the weight they lost.

Are you ready to succeed where others fail?

How Not to

Slim Down for Your Wedding

Why diets, apps and programs won't help you lose weight permanently

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Hi, I'm Bernhard. On my wedding day, I was happy ... and very slim.

With a sky-high motivation, I had white-knuckled my way to my goal weight. A year later, it was a different story: I was 30 pounds heavier.


What had gone wrong?

As soon as the wedding was over, my motivation and willpower tanked and my old habits crept back in: I ate when I was anxious or stressed and I snacked at night. I started gaining weight.

Thinking it was just a matter of finding the right diet, I tried my luck again ... and again ... but I never came across the one that would actually help me get and stay slim.

What's the use of the best diet or plan when we can't stick to it?

Most people find it hard to stick to diets. After the initial motivation and excitement wears off, it is down to willpower to keep old eating habits from returning. Unfortunately, willpower is no match for patterns that we might have been repeating on a daily basis for years, if not decades. Over time, the sweet tooth, snacking in the evening or whatever the habit may be creeps back in. Then it is only a matter of time before the weight goes up again. In fact, 95% of all dieters gain back the pounds they lost.

But when we overcome the habits that "make" us eat and gain weight, sticking to a plan becomes easily doable and weight loss is permanent.

In short: if you really want to lose weight for your wedding and be done with dieting for good, make sure you:

  1. Pick a diet or app that let's you tailor your food plan to your likes/dislikes and lifestyle

  2. Get support to identify and overcome the specific eating habits that may derail your weight loss efforts 


Diets and apps don't help you overcome the eating habits and patterns that hold you back. How are you going to tackle them to lose weight more easily and keep it off?

It's Within Your Reach:
Slim for the Wedding, Slim for Life

With my weight loss coaching program, you can do both - reach your desired weight and end the weight struggle for good.

Imagine it's a year after your wedding. 

You're still at your wedding weight and it's actually easy to maintain for you. You aren't constantly thrown off by urges and cravings. You don't have to say "no" to yourself all the time.

You enjoy your food when you eat it, but in between meals you don't think about it. There's no struggle with food or your weight. You are free.

I can help you get there!

With my three-month 1-on-1 weight loss coaching program, I help you shed the pounds for your wedding effectively. Most importantly, I will help you overcome - once and for all - the eating habits and any other obstacle that may get in the way between you and permanent weight loss.

How does it work?

First, we set you up for effective weight loss, making small, gradual changes to your eating that are easy to follow - no counting calories or carbs, no foods you don't enjoy. Everything is designed to meet your needs and likes and fit into your life style. 

This organic approach takes out much of the white-knuckling and frustration that make traditional diets so hard to follow. Slimming down becomes so much easier!

As weight loss kicks in, we look at the eating habits and obstacles that may thwart your progress. Be it urges and cravings (the #1 issue), overeating in social situations or the actions of an unsupportive partner, we systematically address these potential stumbling blocks. I coach you, so that you can effectively deal with/overcome the respective issue - before it can derail your efforts.

In the course of doing this work, you become so familiar with the tools and strategies that they come to be part of how you think, act and eat. Your habits will have changed. You act around food like people who've always been thin! Should new challenging situations come up, you have the skills to address them in a constructive manner that doesn't throw you off. 

You finish the program knowing deep in your bones that this is permanent. You are this slim person not only on your wedding day, but for life .

What now?

If you plan on losing weight for you wedding and don't want to gain it back afterwards, click on the button below to schedule a free call with me. I'm going to help you already in this call.

I'll share with you my #1 tool for sustainable weight loss. We'll also take a look at the eating habits and obstacles that may stand in your way and I'll lay out how you can get to your desired weight and maintain it for good.


My Weight Loss Story

Hi, I'm Bernhard. This snapshot was taken on my honeymoon.

It was a fun trip and I was proud that I had lost 30 pounds for my wedding. Little did I know that a year later I'd end up at my all-time highest weight.

For the next few years after my wedding, I went from diet to diet, looking for the one that would finally help fix my weight issues. I never found it.

Shortly before my daughter turned 4, I was so fed up with the constant up and down (and increasingly concerned about what she might be picking up on) that I decided to stop dieting. I was determined to find a better way.

Two coach trainings (Life and Weight Loss) and a ton of studying later, I was successful. I was able to draw from what I had learned to create an approach that actually worked. I am down 30 pounds (yes, I'm at my wedding weight) and I've been able to hold it easily. 

Looking back, I can see clearly now how losing weight for my wedding had propelled me into yoyo dieting. It's crazy to me how much effort and energy I spent (well, wasted) on dealing with my weight during the first years of my marriage!

I now help people like you get to their desired wedding weight and, in the process, learn to overcome the eating habits and other obstacles that have been holding them back. It's great to start this new chapter in life without bringing that headache along. Trust me :)

Start Your Weight Loss Successfully:
Schedule Your Free Call

I'm going to help you already in this call.

I'll share with you my #1 tool that sets you up for sustainable weight loss (I use it with all of my clients and still daily in my own life). We'll also touch on what your stumbling blocks have been in the past and how I can help you overcome them this time to get to your desired weight and hold it for good.

You deserve starting this new chapter in your life without the same old headache about your weight. I look forward to hearing from you.

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