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Cravings and negative self-talk are the root of your weight struggle.

People rely on willpower to stick to their weight loss methodBut willpower is no match for cravings and negative self-talk. That's why 95% of people fail to lose weight long term.

Pushing down your cravings with willpower doesn't make them go away. They always come back. Who'd want to exercise willpower night after night - until eternity - to refrain from  overeating? 

Similarly, the way you talk to yourself keeps you stuck. Your inner chatter can subtly or not so subtly undermine your weight loss efforts. Unfortunately, willpower is of no help here.

As long as you rely on willpower to lose weight, cravings and negative self-talk will keep derailing you and keep you stuck where you are.


Eliminate your cravings to stop overeating at night - or any time really.

When you eat in the evening - almost against your will, it can feel hopeless. But all what happened is that you trained yourself to do so and it is working really, really well ;)

That's actually good news. If you are the one who created it, it's also you who can undo it.

When you intentionally change your response to cravings, you rewire your brain and rid yourself of them over time. 

In the absence of cravings, there's no desire to overeat and no overeating. Weight loss is then straightforward - and permanent.

Anyone can eliminate cravings.  It's a skill that's easily learned.


Don't let negative self-talk derail you.

When you want to stop overeating, your inner chatter kicks into gear and puts up resistance.

"Have something. Just tonight. You deserve it. You know what to do. You can just start tomorrow again." Sounds familiar? Unchecked, your inner voice can sabotage or even completely derail your efforts to change.

Fighting it is futile. It doesn't goes away (sorry!). Instead, learn to calm down your 'inner saboteur' and turn your inner voice into a supportive, encouraging ally. 

Changing how you talk to yourself makes all the difference - the difference between staying stuck or moving forward, knowing you have your own back.


The 1-2-3 Reset: Permanent weight loss, reduced to the essentials

1. Reset your food.

Losing weight

We create a realistic food plan, one you happily want to follow. It's tailored to meet your personal preferences while also ensuring proper weight loss.

2. Reset cravings.

Making it permanent

This is at the core of the program. You learn the tools and strategies to respond differently to your cravings and extinguish them in the process. This is what makes your weight loss permanent.

3. Reset your inner chatter.

Getting it done

Negative inner chatter can undermine your weight loss efforts. You learn to change your self-talk so that you can handle the inner critic/saboteur skillfully while strengthening the supportive inner voice that encourages you to get the job done.

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Sitting on the couch in the evening,  you couldn't care less about what's "waiting" in the fridge...

That may seem far out from where you are right now.

But you can get there in three months with the 1-2-3 Reset for Permanent Weight Loss.

  • You can eliminate cravings.

  • You can change the inner chatter that's derailing you when you want to lose weight.

  • You can end your weight struggle.

The coaching program is based on the exact same process I used to stop overeating at night.

Schedule a free consultation to learn how you can lose weight for good... and still have enjoyable evenings.

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